High Performance Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly: POWER-SEAL Series

POWER-SEAL High Performance Butterfly Valves  ANSI/ASME Class 150 and 300

  • PS Series - Soft Seat design
    Soft seat for bubble-tight shutoff of general purpose applications.
  • PF Series - RTFE/316L SST Firesafe seat design
    Primary soft seat for bubble-tight shutoff backed up by secondary 316L SST firesafe seat. Secondary firesafe seat provides Class V shutoff when primary soft seat is compromised in a fire event.
  • PM/PH Series - Metal seat design for high temperature and specialized applications
    316L SST seat for Class V shutoff of high temperature applications. Inconel 625 seat and 316 SST with Stellite disc is optional for extreme temperature (PH Series).

Features and Benefits

  • Available inventory includes sizes 2”-36”. Larger sizes available upon request
  • Standard body materials are 316 SST or WCB. Application specific options include: Alloy 20, Monel, CD3MN, Hastelloy C-276, Inconel 625, Aluminum Bronze, LCB and others.
  • Standard seat materials are RTFE, RTFE/316L SST (Firesafe), and 316L SST (metal seat). Application specific seat materials include: 50/50 STFE, PTFE, PEEK, UHMWPE, TFM-1600 and Inconel 625.
  • RTFE and Firesafe seat designs offer bubble-tight, bi-directional shutoff to full ANSI/ASME Class 150# and 300# standards. Metal seat design offers Class V shutoff.
  • Blow out proof stem design.

Square Stem
Stem design facilitates direct mounting of pneumatic and electric actuators or gear operators through 12”. Standard Stem Material is 17-4PH®.  Other options include 316 SST or XM-19.

Live Loaded Packing
Power-Seal HPBFVs come standard with Live Loaded packing. Three sets of Belleville washers are added to each gland stud to maintain a self-adjusting packing load.

Application Specific Stem Packing
Standard packing is Graphite. Application specific options include: Double PTFE V-ring or Double PTFE Inverted packing.

Internally Cast Travel Stop
Travel Stop prevents over rotation of the disc in an effort to limit possible seat damage.

Seat Retainer Design
Seat retainer is designed so the fasteners do not interfere with the flange gasket sealing surface.