Weather-proof Electric Actuator - WE-500 Series

  • Weather-proof electric actuator
    CSA Approved, IP67, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X

The WE-500 Electric Actuator is an extremely rugged design actuator used for small ball valves (less than 2"), dampers and other quarter-turn devices. The actuator is NEMA 4X and includes a visual indicator, two auxiliary switches and a compartment heater. A convenient wrench manual override shaft is standard on the WE-500. This actuator is the clear choice when a compact, efficient electric actuator is required!

WE-500 Series Electric Actuator Features

  • Compact and light due to high grade aluminum alloy housing
  • High resistance to corrosion due to hard anodizing on inside and outside with polyester powder coating on external surface
  • Output torque: 530 in-lbs.
  • The actuator motor is a reversible, high torque and low current design.
  • Weatherproof (IP67, NEMA 4, 4X)

WE-500 Series Weather-proof Electric Actuator Standard Configuration

  • Manual override
  • Wide, easy mounting base standard to ISO5211(F03/F05/F07)
  • Standard four limit switches. Two for operation, 2 auxilliary dry contacts
  • Captive cover bolts
  • Space heater
  • Limit switches for tight, easy setting
  • Terminal block (11P)
  • Standard color : Red

Optional Configuration

  • Position Indication Unit (Potentiometer kit, PIU)
    High resolution potentiometer with precisely machined gearing directly engaged with drive shaft provides continuous monitoring of position of valve and actuator.
  • TMC3 Electronic Modulating Card
    • Auto Calibration for Easy Setup
    • 10 Bit Microprocessor controller for precise positioning and control
    • 4-20mA, 1-5mA, 0-10 VDC, 1-5 VDC, 0-135 Ohm or Command Signal Potentiometer
    • TMC3 can be programmed to Fail in Place, Fail CW, or Fail CCW on loss of command signal
    • Characterized Control options: Linear, Quick Opening (Square Root), or Equal Percentage (Square)
    • OnBoard 4-20 mA transmitter (optional)

WE-500 is only available in weather proof version.

WE-500 Weather-proof Electric Actuators
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