3-way, 4-way, 5-way Direct Mount Multi-Port Automated Ball Valve Packages - Series 33,43,53

  • Automated with Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator
  • Automated with Pneumatic Double Acting Actuator
  • Automated with Electric Actuator

Series 33, 43 and 53 Direct Mount Multi-Port 3, 4 and 5-Way Ball Valves offer superior performance and reliability required to optimize manual and automation process performance.

This versatile, high performance multi-port ball valve offers solutions to mixing and diverting with various available flow patterns and end configurations. It can be maintained in-line, leaving the end pieces intact. The direct mount design makes automation easier and maintains a lower profile. This valve features the pyramidal stem design that is so effective in other Triac valve series. There are a myriad of end piece and flow pattern combinations.

Direct Mount, Multi-port, 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way Automated Ball Valves Feature

  • Sizes 1/4” – 4”
  • 316SS
  • Threaded, Socket Weld and Butt Weld
  • 150# Flanged and Sanitary Ends
  • "L", "T", "X", "I", Vertical "L", Vertical "T", "TT" and "LL" Ports
  • Full Port; Five Seat Design
  • Direct Mount ISO5211 Mounting Pad
  • Pyramidal Stem Design
  • 90º, 180º, and 360º Rotation

Direct Mount, Multi-port, 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way Automated Ball Valve Design Features

  • Dual Pattern ISO 5211 Mounting Pad with Square Shaft
    No bracket and adapter are required for actuator mounting, provides easy and low cost automation with improved cycle life.
  • 5-Seat Construction
    For equal seat loading and postive sealing at any port, and maintain proper ball alignment.
  • 5-Entry Construction
  • O-Ring Stem Seal
    Enhances stem wear and maintains stem alignment.
  • Anti-Static Device
    Standard applied stem-to-ball; stem-to-body.
  • Variety of End Connections Available for Options:
    • Stem
      Pyramidal stem packing arrangeme provides optimum stem seal and extremely high cycle life
      • Super smooth stem surface reduces seal friction and operating torque
      • Blowout proof stem prevents stem from blowing out, for maximum safety
    • Ball
      Precisely machined, mirror polished solid ball for bubble tight shut-off with less perating torque
    • Seats
      Wide range of seat materials available to suit various applications
  • PATENTED! Ball and Stem Connections
    Semi-Trunnion Ball Design produces a locked ball-to-stem connection offering a positive connection that effectively eliminates backlash and hysteresis. The stem connection ensures accurate, precise positioning of the ball and lower operating torque for better actuation.
  • PATENTED! End Cap and Body Connections
    The conventional end cap and seat retainer was a one piece design that made the end caps extend into the valve body, creating a problem when repair and maintenance is required. It is very difficult to remove end caps from the valve body when valves are mounted in line, especially when welded. Lowers installation costs.
  • PATENTED! End Cap design is separated from seat retainer in two-piece "Easy-to-Maintain" construction
    Designed to overcome the problem of conventional end cap design. End caps remove easily from valve body when valves are mounted in pipeline. Allows fast and easy replacement of gasket and seats.
  • PATENTED! Series 33 5-Piece Design Cavity Filled Seats
    The cavity filled seats are designed to fill the dead space between the ball and valve body that can contaminate the process. Cavity filler seats fill 95% of the dead space while others’ cavity filled seats of 3, 4 and 5-way ball valves can only fill a maximum of 80% of the dead space.

Make it a Complete Automated Ball Valve Package!

Build a complete Automated Ball Valve Package by adding our Automation Controls to a valve / actuator combination.

Direct Mount, Multi-port, 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way Automated Ball Valve Packages
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