FM Approved Manual Ball Valve Assemblies

FM Approved
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Valves and valve assemblies for liquid and gas shut-off

These assemblies are FM approved for use in applications requiring protection for fuel burning equipment per FM class 7400, 7420 and 7422. The components include a spring return automated ball valve, explosion-proof limit switch and solenoid pilot valve. Valves are available in 3-piece or flanged design. 3-piece design offers threaded, socket weld or butt weld end connections. Flanged valves are available with 150# and 300# flange rating. Available in sizes 1/2"- 6". Assemblies feature the latest in quarter-turn automation, rack and pinion actuator design; a marked improvement from the older spring-diaphragm technology. The actuator, combined with the superior valve seating and stem seal design, provides for reliable and consistent closure when needed. These assemblies provide for a compact fuel gas safety shut-off system.

FM Approved Manual Ball Valve Assemblies Features:

  • 316SS or WCB valves
  • 3-piece and flanged valves
  • Manual safety cocks and automated safety shut-off valves
  • Solenoid approved for waterproof and explosion-proof environments
  • Valves feature pyramidal stem seal system

50/50 Seats for High Temperature Applications

Also Available in an Automated Ball Valve Package

The FM Approved Manual Ball Valves are also available with a Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator, Double Acting Actuator or Electric Actuator.

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FM Approved Manual Ball Valve Assemblies
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