Explosion Proof Limit Switch

The Triac EX Series hazardous location Limit Switch provides a compact design and low cost for both visual and remote electrical indication of rotary valve/actuator position. The heavy duty design and wide variety of options make the EX Series the ideal multi-purpose Limit Switch for use in NEMA 4, 4X, 7 and 9 applications.

EX Series Limit Switch Features

  • Aluminum Housing
    UL and cULus listed NEMA 4, 4X, 7 and 9. The polyester powder coating plus stainless steel shaft makes this unit ideal for use in hostile environments. Housings include captive cover screws to permit calibration without potential for losing screws. The housing is compact yet large enough to accommodate as many as four switches.
  • Twin Shaft Body Design
    The primary shaft is located in the housing base and connects to a mating shaft located in the housing cover. This twin shaft feature allows easy and accurate housing assembly by eliminating the blind-hole configuration associated with competitive switch boxes.
  • Multiple Switch Options
    Wide variety of mechanical, proximity and inductive switch options provide the most effective and economical choice for each specific application.
  • Visual Position Indication
    The 3D rotor provides high visibility confirmation of valve/actuator position. The splined retainer allows adjustment to coincide with the exact valve position.
  • Pre-wired PCB Modules
    Switches are factory wired to printed circuit boards to simplify installation and maintenance. Each PCB terminal strip includes two spare terminals to accommodate an optional solenoid valve. This feature provides a significant cost saving by eliminating the need for a separate junction box and associated labor.
  • “Easy-Set” Cams
    Splined, spring loaded and independently adjustable. This design offers tool-free calibration and positive vibration resistant engagement.
  • Multiple Cable Entries
    Standard with two ½” NPT cable entries with option for third 1/2” or 3/4” NPT cable entry.
  • Standardized Mounting
    Housing conforms to international dimension standards NAMUR VDI/VDE3845 output shaft dimensions and ISO F05 bolt hole locations. This maximizes interchangeability and reduces cost by eliminating need for switch/actuator coupler.
  • Options
    AS-i digital communication interface card, 3-position dribble control, 4-20mA feedback transmitter, special terminal strips, NAMUR mounting brackets.
EX Series Explosion Proof Limit Switch
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