Declutchable Gear Override

The Acutrol Declutchable Gear Override “sandwich mounts” between a pneumatic quarter-turn actuator and a ball, butterfly, plug or damper valve. This rugged device allows for manual operation during  installation, system testing and in the event of a supply air failure.

The DGO Series mounts directly to many of the most popular rack and pinion style actuators on the market, and does not require a bracket between the pneumatic actuator and declutchable override. The units come complete with a three-stage coupler that connects to the pneumatic actuator through the gear override and to the valve (or coupler).

Output torques range from 3700 in. lbs. to 50,000 in. lbs. and cover a broad range of pneumatic actuator and quarter-turn valve sizes that require the convenience of a manual override.

There are two series available. The DGO Series matches the ISO 5211 bolt and drive dimensions which include a large number of pnematic actuator manufacturers. The KGO Series includes four sizes and is designed for the popular 3-1/4” and 5” butterfly valve/direct mount configurations.

Declutchable Gear Override Features

  • ISO (DGO) and “Keystone” (KGO) Direct Mount Patterns
  • Internal 3-stage coupler included (couple actuator/gear override/ and valve)
  • Rugged declutch lever and engage knob
  • Broad torque range with five sizes from 3700 in. lbs. to 50,000 in. lbs.
  • BBV - Block and Bleed Valve (optional) to exhaust air

Block and Bleed Valve Options

The BBV - Block and Bleed Valve shuts off the supply air and vents the pneumatic actuator, allowing manual operation (please see IOM 4007 for detailed information).

  • Manual operation purges air from one side of the pistons to the other, preventing corrosive atmospheres from being drawn into the actuator.
  • Direct mounts to the Namur air porting of the pneumatic actuator, eliminating tubing and fittings.
  • Can be combined with other Namur accessories such as flow controls and TVC solenoid valves.
Declutchable Gear Override
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